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I want to picker some pictures from the library, and convert them to a gif. Is there any code examples? Or provide some ideas? Thanks a lot!

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Any Success on the same? Already some app doing this. I need same thing. Can you help me ? – Mangesh Nov 2 '12 at 9:37

There's ImageMagick for iPhone.Check Using ImageMagick to create animated GIFs on the iPhone. Or search "ImageMagick for iphone" at Google

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Check these Links

According to Apple,

Xcode automatically optimizes your PNG images using the pngcrush utility shipped with the SDK. (You’ll find the program in the iPhoneOS platform folders in /Developer. Run it from the command line with the –iphoneswitch to convert standard PNG files to iPhone- formatted ones.) For this reason,use PNG images in your iPhone apps where possible as your preferred image format.

Better prefer to use PNG's for your image requirements

For Picking Image :

For Conversion :

Hope this Helps

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You can create a GIF using the ImageIO framework, which is part of the iOS SDK. You don't need ImageMagick or any other third-party library.

Look at this answer for code that uses ImageIO to create an animated GIF. If you don't want an animated GIF, just add a single image instead of a bunch of images.

As for picking images from the library, there are many questions about this already on stackoverflow. Just search for [iphone] pick image from library.

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