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Using SqlPlus for Oracle, how do I save the output of a query in a file but not show it on the terminal/prompt.

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SET TERMOUT OFF is not working wiht my SqlPlus. This sqlplus -s ${ORA_CONN_STR} <<EOF >/dev/null i.e. answer by @AshishAnand worked for me. –  Sachin Jan 13 at 11:11

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Right from the SQL*Plus manual


SET TERMOUT OFF suppresses the display so that you can spool output from a script without seeing it on the screen.

If both spooling to file and writing to terminal are not required, use SET TERMOUT OFF in >SQL scripts to disable terminal output.

SET TERMOUT is not supported in iSQL*Plus

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Try this:

spool M:\Documents\test;
select * from employees;
spool off;
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@AlexPoole the spool command. IMO this is a more complete answer. –  Frenchie Dec 12 '12 at 14:38

Try This:

sqlplus -s ${ORA_CONN_STR} <<EOF >/dev/null
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