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I have a list of HashMap in my Action class, something like {month=05, day=20, dayOfWeek=Mon}. I need to pass it to a select tag from Struts2. Generated code from page looks like this:

<select name="dropdown" id="form_dropdown" onchange="fsubmit();">
  <option value="{month=07, day=11, dayOfWeek=MON}">{month=07, day=11, dayOfWeek=MON}</option>
  <option value="{month=07, day=12, dayOfWeek=TUE}">{month=07, day=12, dayOfWeek=TUE}</option>
  <option value="{month=07, day=13, dayOfWeek=WED}">{month=07, day=13, dayOfWeek=WED}</option>

Select tag from JSP:

<s:select headerKey="-1" list="liveHashDaysList" name="dropdown" value="" onchange="fsubmit();" />

I want to make the select to display data in this form "day / month dayOfWeek" but I can't get it to work. Any advice?

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I would create a class to hold the data, rather than using a HashMap. The listKey and listValue attributes of <s:select/> control what the value and label of the <option/>s are. –  Steven Benitez Jul 25 '11 at 11:20
I agree with Steven, It's better to use bean for holding the data. –  Zemzela Jul 25 '11 at 13:11
Thanks guys, this helped me –  Denees Jul 26 '11 at 9:21

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I made a Bean class, that handles all this objects.

Integer id;
String day;
String month;
String enDayWeek;
String frDayWeek;
String frDateFormatted;
String enDateFormatted;
String year;

Having Constructors with and without parameters, and the getters and setters methods.

Here we have some data fields, besides that I also have two fields with the date generated as a string, to display in frontend. When I receive response from select tag, I am iterating through the days list, and index the selected object, that was a solution at the moment.

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