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Hi I have been building a website that had too elements floating slightly on top of each other. They overlapped slightly, which looked great for the design, when viewed in safari. To my horror though when I viewed the web design in firefox most of my page was missing. So to fix this I had to add Overflow:hidden to my element in css, but this meant that the two elements float separately, one above the other and now not overlapping. :(

Does anyone have advice on any fixes for this? As ideally I need them to overlap on most the browsers as this is what the client wanted from the design.

Thank you


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I think we are not here to read stories :P .... try posting code –  Syed Qarib Jul 25 '11 at 11:51
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Post your code preferably in a jsfiddle. We have no idea what you actually want or how you managed to achieve it other than int he most general sense. That said the solution sounds like it would be wrappign the overlapping elements in a single element with position: relative and then absolutely or relatively positioning the ones you want to overlap.

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