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I have a textbox in one JSP page where the username is entered.Then I have another "Settings" page where there is link for "Change Password" where I have to do the validation username and password(password should not be same as username).But the lightbox for Change password contains only the oldpassword, newpassword and confirmpassword fields..I am writing a small function in JS to validate but the value of username is not reached till the js..How to do this??? Please help..

My Admin page

function newcheckUsernamAndPassword(field, rules,i,options){
        alert("i am  in new method");
        var newpassword=field.val().toLowerCase();
        alert("new pas" +newpassword);
        var username='<%=Session("username")%>'
//      var username = getValueUsingElementID('username').toLowerCase();
//      alert("Username"+username);
            return options.allrules.changepassword.alertText;


code from webpage for Chage password

> <input type="password" style="width:150px" id="oldpassword" class="
> textBox validate[required,funcCall[checkOldpassword]"
> onfocus="jQuery('#authenticateform').validationEngine('attach',{Overflown:false})"/></td>
>         </tr>
>         <tr>
>             <td class="login"><label class="textLable"><msg:message
> code="label.newpassword" /></label><span
> class="redStar">*</span>&nbsp;</td>
>             <td class="login"><input type="password"
> style="width:150px" id="newpassword" name="newpassword" class="textBox
> validate[required,maxSize[30],funcCall[checkOldAndNewPassword],funcCall[newcheckUsernamAndPassword],funcCall[validatePasswordCriteria]]"
> onfocus="jQuery('#authenticateform').validationEngine('attach',{Overflown:false})"/></td>
>         </tr>

Myadmin Page for Username

  <td class="tblComponent" width="120px" ><label class="tblLabel" for="username"><msg:message code="label.components.userid"/><span class="redStar">*</span></label></td>
  <td class="borderR tblComponent" width="120px" colspan="3"><input id="username" name="username" type="text" value="" onfocus="jQuery('#adduserform').validationEngine('attach',{Overflown:false})"/></td>


HI ,,,any help

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Can you post some code from your web page besides the js function? – Fabrizio D'Ammassa Jul 25 '11 at 10:11
HI...have posted the code please can u help me – rachel Jul 25 '11 at 10:39
Did you look at the two answers that are already given? – Andreas Grech Jul 28 '11 at 8:57

I'm assuming that your problem is that '<%=Session("username")%>' is not being replaced by its intended session value.

If this function is in a .js file, then it's probably just being served by the web-server as is.

To see what I mean, try putting this function in the JSP page (instead of the .js file) and the username session variable (given that it exists) will then be properly parsed and replaced by the intended value.

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Assuming that you are grabbing the field properly eg.

field = document.body.getElementById('the_id');

Then you should be able to get the value by going

var newpass = field.value;
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