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I want to consider all the connectivity possibilities in JavaME , connectivity between phone mobile and PC. Apart from bluetooth what are the possible means of such connectivity ?

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You need to have a look at the Generic Connection Framework (GCF) which gives you the ablility to open connections using various protocols. You do this my using a Connector object.

It is obviously completely dependant upon the hardware upon the phone and any optional JSRs that it implements, but you can communicate to a phone via:

  • Using internet protocols e.g. Http, Datagram, Socket connections (Requires PC to be accessible via the internet)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Using a Secure Element (SATSA)
  • Serial COMM port connection (I think)

I'll completely admit that using some of these methods to communicate between a PC and a phone are nuts but it could be done.

The best thing to do for simplicity is to use bluetooth or a HttpConnection.

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U also able to connect mobile with pc via internet (Gprs).Better u look at the Generic Connection Framework (GCF) documentation.It will help u

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