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I have an overloaded method which have these signatures:

void Method(string a,string b);

void Method(string a,string b,string c);

void Method(string a,string b,string c,string d,string e);

What I want to do in Visual Studio IDE is to find all lines in the current project where Method is called with only less than 5 parameters (e.g. the first and second signatures in the example). Is it possible to do this (or any plugin resharper etc. is able to that)

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Try this regex in the find window:


It's an OR basically of:


where N looks for N of alpha or whitespace followed by a comma

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Did it work? Whooo hooo!!! – Preet Sangha Jul 27 '11 at 9:49

You can search with regexp, so you should be able to do something like "/void[]Method\(([^\)^,]+,){1,3}\)/". I don't know if it is the exact syntax, but you have the idea.

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