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I'm working in a git-svn cloned repository. I've got a git branch tracking a Subversino feature branch, which I've made a load of commits to, and have dcommited them to Subversion. Merging that Subversion branch is proving to be really painful, so I'd like to just rebase that branch onto master (or cherry-pick the commits I care about), and get rid of the Subversion branch. (I don't mind losing the Subversion merge history).

If I hadn't pushed the commits to Subversion it would be fine, but if I rebase/cherry-pick the commits to master, they come complete with the git-svn-id which I presume will cause the dcommit process to explode spectacularly (although I'm too afraid to try it).

Is there a way to strip out the git-svn-id (and any other less-obvious metadata that might cause problems) for those commits that I want to bring across?

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Sorry no straight forward answer for this one. See these questions:

Using git-svn (or similar) just to help out with an svn merge?

git-svn merge 2 svn branches

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I hadn't seen these answers, they're kinda encouraging though, thanks! – Jon M Jul 27 '11 at 11:36

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