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I consider to use Bugzilla or Redmine to Issue Tracking

I know both are really good.

I need a good connection with SVN.

The main purpose is issue tracking on multiple projects.

The stability and support (large community) are also an important paramter for me.

Please recommend on one of them


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When using Mylyn and Eclipse, Bugzilla seems to be the better solution. –  Edward Oct 8 at 12:45

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This wikipedia article displays a good overview regarding different issue tracking systems, Redmine and Bugzilla are both mentioned.


Besides your focus points the article delves into other bits, like licensing, languages, back end and so on.

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Thanks for your answer, I know this link.. can you recommend bugzilla or redmaine, i have none experience with those tools –  ron Jul 25 '11 at 11:56

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