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I want to make a price comparison section on my site. Now I really have trouble understanding the relationships between a Product, a Shop and a Price.

A Product is available in multiple Shops, who each have a Price.

So I have a table Products, a table Shops and a table Prices, in Prices I store the product_id, the shop_id and the price

Just to check, I would define it like this:

Product hasManyAndBelongsTo Shop
Shop hasManyAndBelongsTo Product
Price belongsTo Shop
Price belongsTo Product

But I feel this is not correct, is anyone able to give me the right connections?

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I'd define it like this:

Product hasAndBelongsToMany Shop with Price
Shop hasAndBelongsToMany Product with Price

check the "with" attribute when declaring a HABTM relation. Your modeling is ok


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Thank you so much! – JanWillem Jul 25 '11 at 12:30

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