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I have a JavaScript variable that contains string value. I want to check whether the string contains UID_PK in it. How can I match this string to match the substring "UID_PK" using regex expression?

For example var id="UID_PK:1234"

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This does not need Regex to be solved, normal string manipulation can do it. –  Kenan F. Deen Jul 25 '11 at 11:36

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No regular expressions needed, you can use indexOf [docs]:

if(id.indexOf("UID_PK") > -1) {
    // id contains "UID_PK"
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var id="UID_PK:1234"
if( id.match( /UID_PK/ )) alert( 'match' );

next time try to read dome documentation on regex in javascript , this is the most simple example

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