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I have written below function to return max date

Alter function MAXdate(@DATE1 date,@DATE2 date,@DATE3 date)
returns date
       declare @max as date
       set @max = ''

       if(@DATE1> @DATE2)
       set @max = @DATE1
       set @max = @DATE2

       if(@max >@DATE3)
       set @max= @DATE3

   return @max   

But when i execute the function, I am not getting max value

select dbo.MAXdate('9/8/2008','12/1/2008','3/3/2008')

Can any one please help me analyse , why i am not getting max value?

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are the dates Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year? –  Thanos Papathanasiou Jul 25 '11 at 12:19
MM/DD/YYYY pattren. –  Shine Jul 25 '11 at 12:21
You could also; return (select max(d) from (select @DATE1 as d union select @DATE2 union select @DATE3) T) –  Alex K. Jul 25 '11 at 12:23

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Your last test condition should be

if(@DATE3 > @max )
   set @max= @DATE3
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if(@max >@DATE3)
   set @max= @DATE3

should be

   set @max= @DATE3
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