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Is it possible to get gdb or use some other tools to create a core dump of a running process and it's symbol table? It would be great if there's a way to do this without terminating the process.

If this is possible, what commands would you use? (I'm trying to do this on a Linux box)

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$ gdb --pid=26426
(gdb) gcore
Saved corefile core.26426
(gdb) detach
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You don't need to set ulimit -c unlimited as gdb doesn't respect it (gdb should always give you the entire core file). You can also do this using the command gcore pid from the cli without running gdb. – psanford Jun 13 '12 at 21:21

Or run gcore $(pidof processname).

This has the benefit (over running gdb and issuing commands to the CLI) that you attach and detach in the shortest possible time.

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Note: The following method will terminate the running process & requires the symbols too.

You can send one of the following signals (with action=core) to the running process:

       Signal     Value     Action   Comment
       SIGHUP        1       Term    Hangup detected on controlling terminal
                                     or death of controlling process
       SIGINT        2       Term    Interrupt from keyboard
       SIGQUIT       3       Core    Quit from keyboard
       SIGILL        4       Core    Illegal Instruction
       SIGABRT       6       Core    Abort signal from abort(3)
       SIGFPE        8       Core    Floating point exception
       SIGKILL       9       Term    Kill signal
       SIGSEGV      11       Core    Invalid memory reference
       SIGPIPE      13       Term    Broken pipe: write to pipe with no
       SIGALRM      14       Term    Timer signal from alarm(2)
       SIGTERM      15       Term    Termination signal
       SIGUSR1   30,10,16    Term    User-defined signal 1
       SIGUSR2   31,12,17    Term    User-defined signal 2
       SIGCHLD   20,17,18    Ign     Child stopped or terminated
       SIGCONT   19,18,25    Cont    Continue if stopped
       SIGSTOP   17,19,23    Stop    Stop process
       SIGTSTP   18,20,24    Stop    Stop typed at terminal
       SIGTTIN   21,21,26    Stop    Terminal input for background process
       SIGTTOU   22,22,27    Stop    Terminal output for background process

Like so:
kill <signal> <pid>

And once you have the core, you can open in gdb along with the symbol file.

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