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I'm looking to extract the Quiz data(Questions) from a quiz and need the data out of the SCORM container. How can i get that....Please help me n this case..


Arun Krishnan G

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The answer depends where the questions are stored.

Sometimes content is stored in an xml or js file (as json) or even a txt file outside of the content player (usually a swf). In that case you just extract the scorm .zip and find the right content file.

Sometimes the content is compiled inside a swf content player. So if you check all those other files inside the scorm zip listed above and none of them has the content you need, you'll have to use a swf decompiler like Trillix to access the actionscript inside the swf.

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Thanks,....i am not able to find out the exact file ...do u have any idea about that...if u have any idea please share it with me....waiting for ur reply... –  Arun Krishnan G Jul 27 '11 at 8:59
I would need to see the actual package. Can you provide a link? –  brokenindexfinger Jul 27 '11 at 16:38

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