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I have the following 2 arrays. Array A with i.e. 10 id's, and the other array, Array B with 300 id's with all the corresponding data.

I want to retrieve all the data from B with id's which are stated in the array A.

I could just loop all entries in array B on every entry in array A, but this looks a little bit heavy for such simple task. What would be the best solutions in this case?


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Probably use a predicate (a, b are your arrays):

NSPredicate* filter = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @"self IN %@", a];
NSArray* result = [b filteredArrayUsingPredicate: filter];

Although, it might only work if the objects in your arrays are simple things like strings.

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Superb, this is what is was looking for – Jos Jul 25 '11 at 20:23

If you don't need an ordered array you could switch to an hash table (eg. NSSet) which has a much faster lookup time (strong bias towards O(1)). Otherwise you had to loop through the whole array and check all of its members.

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When you are filling array B you can instead make it a dictionary. Assuming ids are unique you can then get value of the object for key in array A from array B. This will avoid looping and is sort of equivalent to hash table.

The returned value will then have the corresponding data for the particular unique id.

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I don't see how you are going to do it otherwise if you are using arrays. The only way to access the right element is by looping through the array.

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Sure, I will put more effort into it. It just bugs me with these redundant titles everywhere. – Man of One Way Jul 25 '11 at 21:12

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