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I have the HTML Page below like this:



<div id='0>

<span id='0'>Hi </span>

<span id='1'>How </span>

<span id='2'>Are </span>

<span id='3'>You</span>



<div id='1>

<span id='4'>welcome </span>

<span id='5'>to </span>

<span id='6'>our </span>

<span id='7'>place</span>

</div> <br><br> </body> </html>

I am trying to select multiple sentences in a iPhone webView loaded with a HTML like this. But i am select instead it select the block of senetences.

What i have to change?

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To start, you shouldn't have HTML elements with the same IDs. Have you worked with HTML before? Check out http://w3schools.com/html/.

Also, what do you want to correct? Your question is vague of your intentions. If you want to select multiple sentences, put each sentence in a <p> element, you should be able to do so.

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