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I have an application written in AS3 that is loading swfs written in AS2. Most of them work fine, except for ones that contain the old AS2 accordion component. Loading one results in it working correctly, but each one that is loaded after it breaks the previous one (the content no longer shows and the mask disappears). It's not just limited to the accordion, any of the AS2 components that came with Flash Pro cause breakage. I've tried loading the swfs to separate movieclips, tried using applicationDomain, tried everything else I can think of. Rewriting the swfs in AS3 is not an option due to circumstances out of my control. Any thoughts, ideas, even snide remarks would be welcomed. Thanks.

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Honestly, the support for AVM1 objects (as1/2) loaded into the AVM2 runtime (as3) is extremely limited. The support was not put in there in order to make nice backward compatibility for making hybrid AMV1/AVM2 applications. Honestly they should have just prevented loading AS1/2 objects into AS3 at all. AS3 works with a complete rewrite of the actionscript virtual machine, while AS1/2 works with the old. I can't say exactly what the issue is here but I can say your chances of solving it are slim and the chances of solving the problem elegantly are nil. –  Technik Empire Jul 25 '11 at 13:50
Perhaps using an AS3 accordion is a solution code.google.com/p/as3libraries/source/browse/trunk/comquest/ui/…. –  Technik Empire Jul 25 '11 at 13:54

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