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I'm using Visual Studio 2008 to create a sequential workflow feature for MOSS (SP 2007), SP2.

Workflow overview

My task list is a Document Library containing InfoPath forms, and the CreateTask activity in my workflow is creating these perfectly (they work in-browser, all promoted property fields work as expected, etc). Although the WF instance is associated with another Task List (unable to select a Library on the WF Association form, and unable to publish my IP form to anything other than a Library).

Attached is a screenshot of the portion of the WF I'm having trouble with... All 4 of the enabled Activities have the same Correlation Token ("taskToken") with its owner being the Replicator.

My While Activity condition is a Code Condition, which for now is just "returning" True.

I am writing a message to the WF History List every time I enter any method, and am seeing the following at the end of my history list (WF Status of "In Progress"):

  1. in createTask1
  2. in OnTaskCreated1
  3. in approvalTaskIsComplete (my conditional method for the While)

And that's it. The WF just stays there, regardless of how many times I update my task.

I'm thinking there is a problem with the association of my task with the WF. On the WF Status page, above the History list, I see my task listed, but with an invalid URL (the list it's pointing to doesn't even exist).

The super-basic pseudo code of my createTask method is as follows:

private void createTask1_MethodInvoking() {
    WriteToHistoryList("in createTask1");

    // create task form in doc lib:
    string newTaskName = [new unique name for task];
    using (MemoryStream) {
        XmlTextWriter writer;
        // build XML doc for InfoPath form using writer
        web.Files.Add(taskListURL + newTaskName + ".xml", writer.trimmedBufferBytes);

    // get the new task item:
    SPQuery = [CAML query using newTaskName];
    SPListItem newTaskItem = [item from CAML query];

    // associate new task form with WF (theoretically):
    ((CreateTask)sender).TaskId = newTaskItem.UniqueId;
    this.currentTaskID = newTaskItem.UniqueId; // this is a public guid on my WF class, bound in the properties of the OnTaskCreated, OnTaskChanged, and OnTaskCompleted as the taskID

    SPWorkflowTaskProperties props = new SPWorkflowTaskProperties();
    props.AssignedTo = [me];
    props.DueDate = [tomorrow];
    props.Title = "Test Title"; // NOT the actual task title, but this is what's showing up on the WF Status page
    ((CreateTask)sender).TaskProperties = props;
    this.currentTaskProps = props; // Another public property of the WF class, bound as the AfterProperties property of the later task Activities


Setting the casted Sender's TaskId and TaskProperties, AND setting public properties on the class to those values seems redundant and wrong to me (what would I do if this were a parallel replicator?), but I added this.currentTaskID and this.currentTaskProps after guessing that my task wasn't being associated correctly with the OnTaskChanged activity (before it's TaskID property was just the default "empty" GUID)

Any ideas what I could be missing or doing wrong?

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I've found a workaround to this problem, although I would prefer to use my original approach if anyone knows a way to get it to work...

The overview of what I'm doing differently now is to:

  1. Publish my task form to a local location, and then include the published .xsn in my VS project (Add Existing)
  2. In my Feature/ElementManifests element (of feature.xml), added an ElementFile element for the .xsn
  3. In my Elements/Workflow/MetaData (of elements.xml or workflow.xml, depending on project template), added a Task0_FormURN element with the "urn:" string of the -PUBLISHED- .xsn
  4. Replaced all of my CreateTask code with something like (the code/pre formatting is NOT working for me in FF, sorry):

    CreateTask task = sender as CreateTask;

    task.TaskId = Guid.NewGuid();

    task.TaskProperties = new SPWorkflowTaskProperties();

    task.TaskProperties.TaskType = 0; // matches that Task0_FormURN element

    task.TaskProperties.Title = newName;

    task.TaskProperties.AssignedTo = [me]

    this.currentTaskID = task.TaskId;

    this.currentTaskProps = task.TaskProperties;

  5. Rather than assigning my values to the primary data source of the task form, I'm using ItemMetadata.xml (search for it) to specify each form field as a field in a secondary datasource and setting those values like:

    task.TaskProperties.ExtendedProperties["type"] = this.requestItem.type();

Then the correct task is placed on the Workflow Status page, and the OnTaskChanged activity is firing properly.

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