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While running pclint for a particular folder, its running for all the files inside that folder. If we want the pclint to omit some of the files, then how to configure it in std.lnt file.

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Normally, your std.lnt file does not contain a list of source file names to be processed. You then call PC Lint with the command line

<path>/lint-nt.exe std.lnt file1 [file2...]

where file file is a C or C++ source file (not a header file).

Since Lint seems to process all the source files in you folder, take a look at your std.lnt file and see if there's a list of .c/.cpp files included. Remove them. Then build your command line as above, and list just the files you are interested in; or "*.c" to again process all the C files in the current directory.

If you need more guidance as to how to structure and create your Lint option files, google for "How to wield PC Lint", first result, which is my whitepaper on how to setup PC Lint if the setup.exe just doesn't thrill you much.

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