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I am caught in a situation where I need to get values of a member variable of instances of an object which are in an array. Is there any way to use a function like array_map to get them in one line rather than using a foreach loop. Please see the code example below.


Class abc
   public $aVar;
   function __construct($Initialize)
       $this->aVar = $Initialize;

$Array = array(new abc(10), new abc(20), new abc(30));

$Array2 = array();

foreach ($Array as $Element)
    array_push($Array2, $Element->aVar);


Output is:

Array (

[0] => 10

[1] => 20

[2] => 30


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You could use:

$newAray = array_map(function ($abcObj) {
    return $abcObj->aVar;
}, $Array);



    [0] => 10
    [1] => 20
    [2] => 30

Though, performance-wise, I'd guess this doesn't change much.

Edit: Actually using array_map is far worse than foreach. Just a quick test with microtime and 1000000 iterations gave me:

foreach: 0.83289s
array_map: 2.95562s

on my test machine. So, I'd say, stick with the foreach.

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this is as for php 5.3 + –  Subdigger Jul 25 '11 at 14:00
@Subdigger Yes of course ;) –  Yoshi Jul 25 '11 at 14:05

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