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I have created a search page using parametric filtering conducted on change of checkbox values.


I am displaying which filter was applied in a dynamic list and storing the association on the list filter element with jQuery's .data() method.

Now, when i un-check the appropriate checkbox i want to remove the filter li element based on the data that is stored on the said element. I was previously doing this on the class attribute but thought using .data() was a neater solution.

Can't quite figure out how to remove the appropriate list element?

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  1. Why are you using class? You never defined class names.

  2. There is $(this).data which works seamlessly: http://jsfiddle.net/s9FjY/7/.

  3. You do not need separate code for 0 checked checkboxes.

The code:

$('#parameters input[type="checkbox"]:enabled').bind('change', function(e){
    var $this = $(this),
        $checkedBoxes = $('#parameters').find('input:checkbox').filter(':checked').length,
        index = $('#parameters input:checkbox').index($this),
        txt = jQuery.trim($this.parent().text());
    if ($this.is(':checked')) {
        // add filter text
        var filterLink = $('<li>' + txt + '<span>Remove filter</span></li>');
        $(filterLink).data('myIndex', index);
        $('#filters > ul').append(filterLink);
    } else {
        // remove filter text
        $('#filters > ul').find('li').filter(function() {
            return $.data(this, 'myIndex') === index;
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In your last selector, use


instead of


See my update fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/sgGY3/

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