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I would like to use the @Inject annotation in my TestNG test case. The test is executed by Arquillian in a remote JBoss AS 6 instance. The test basically looks like this:

Test case

public class WorksheetControllerTest extends Arquillian {

    EntityManager em;

    private UserTransaction utx;

    public static WebArchive createTestArchive() {
        return ShrinkWrap
            .create( WebArchive.class, "test.war" )
            .addClasses( SomeClass.class )
            .addAsWebInfResource( new ByteArrayAsset( "<beans />".getBytes() ), ArchivePaths.create( "beans.xml" ) )
            .addAsResource( "persistence-test.xml", "META-INF/persistence.xml");

    public void initTestData() throws Exception {
        // ...

        em.persist( someEntity );

    public void testGetEmployeeFromTimesheet() throws Exception {
    // ...        

Working when ...

If I manually call the initTestData() method in a single test method, I have properly injected resources to use.

Not-working when ...

If I use any of the annotations given above (@BeforeClass, @BeforeTest, @BeforeMethod), the test case fails because all the injected resources are null (utx and em and some other classes I want to test).

So, I'm asking myself and you people: What is wrong there?

Kind regards, Sebastian

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The @Before* methods seem to be called twice. Also see

Checking if any injected resources are null in the annotated method should do the trick. Everything works fine now.

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