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I'm using aspxcallback control and I wonder if there's any possiblity to force page postback while performing callback. I mean - in some situation my page require to postback -

<dx:ASPxCallback ID="callback" runat="server" OnCallback = "callback_callback" />

protected void callback_callback(object s, CallbackEventArgs e) {
  if (requirePostBack)
    // do Postback
  } else {
    //do callback stuff

or if was it possible to handle this case in ASPxGridView events?

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Have you looked at __doPostBack()? –  Arjun Jul 25 '11 at 14:57

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ASPxCallback is designed to send callbacks only. If you need to send a postback to the server, you need to use the __doPostBack() method. This decision (which request to send) should be made at the client side.

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