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How to add lookup column in List1 and bind it with SomeField from List2, and then fill this lookup column with plain text (only use code)?

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Here's the code to create a lookup field:

var list = web.Lists["List1"];    
var targetList = web.Lists["List2"];
var fieldName = list.Fields.AddLookup("My Lookup", targetList.ID, false);
var field = list.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(fieldName) as SPFieldLookup;
field.LookupField = "SomeField";

To update the lookup field you set it to the item ID of the item in the target list.

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If the type of "SomeField" is currency or yes/no, it doesn't work. Selected value of "SomeField" will not be displayed in "My Lookup" item. Is it a SharePoint limitation? If it's not, do you know how to solve it? Thanks. – Xiaodan Mao Aug 22 '12 at 0:56
Some field types cannot be the target of a lookup. See SharePoint: Not all column types can be used in Calculated or Lookup columns (…) – Rob Windsor Aug 24 '12 at 15:06

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