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I wrote a small node.js server using "net" module. the client and server code looks like follows Client.. socket is declared in global and invoked by this function. i am using a 3rd party API for sockets which works fine with php or C++ its surely not an API based bug.

                   function SocketAPI()
                socket.onConnect = function(success)
                        Connected = true;
                        alert("Failed to connect to server!");
                socket.onClose = function()
                    alert("Connection lost to server!");
                socket.onData = function(text)
                    { // Tells the client to send authentication data
                            socket.send(">"+localStorage.ID); //encrypted

                    }else if(text.substr(0,2)==">>"){
                        // User inforamation accept and apply it
                        Packet = JSON.parse(text.substr(2,text.length-2));
                        while(Users.length){ // users is an array which contains    other peers connected to the server 
                        me = Packet;
                        // Now make the socket only listen for output buffer.
                        socket.onData = function( Data ){
                            setTimeout( Jparse,100, Data );

                socket.connect('localhost',1337);// makes connection

where Jparse is a function which parses the json sent by server according and data is sent using socket.send(input);

ANd the server looks like this ::


    var server = net.createServer(function(socket){
socket.Peer = new Client();

    if(Data[0]==">") // this tells that the request is authentication event
     // Loads from Pool
    }else if(Data[0]=="<"){
        NewUSER(this.Peer); // Makes new user
    console.log("Connection End");
// Socket Closed by client/errors
    console.log("Connection is closed by Had errors?:"+error);
// Handshake started
{ // add server connection in here aha we now have a new user.
    sys.puts("Connection from"+ socket.remoteAddress);

 // starting the server.

When i send data using the client HTML Page the data goes to server and comes back as its supposed to but the process becomes recurrent and i get the same recieved more then once on both the sides i mean the server and the client ..

say. if i send "hello" from client it recieves 2-3 "hello" back on client side from server.. an importing thing that i just noticed is the number of recurrsions increases everytime i send a data to server.

Anyone got a clue on whats wrong ?

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is it possible that the bug is getting caused due to my bad code practice of changing the onData events on both server and client one authentication is complete .. shall i use if instead of directly changing the event – Abhishrek Jul 25 '11 at 15:35
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Every single time you execute the outer on('data' ... , you're adding another on('data' ... element; that's why you're getting the increased number at each request. You're modifying your handler structure to add handlers in your handler.

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o. thats intresting i thought on('data',function() { } ) will replace the outer data but i was wrong ... hmmm soundz intresting. – Abhishrek Jul 26 '11 at 5:08
Thank you very much.. its working!... :D :D :D :D :D i wish i could vote ur answer up .. – Abhishrek Jul 26 '11 at 5:58

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