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So I finally got around to understand how PyGTK really works and I'm working on a simple SQLite manager app.

To show the result of a query I'm using a gtk.ScrolledWindow with a gtk.TreeView. I've managed to add and even change the values in the ListStore object as I need, what I can't do is change the model of the ListStore object.

For example in one query I may have a result of two columns:

    self.query_results = gtk.ListStore(str,str)
    self.query_results.append(["1"],["John Doe"])

And in another one I may get more columns:

    self.query_results = gtk.ListStore(str,str,str,str)

I know I can use stuff like

     self.query_results = gtk.ListStore(*[str]*len(columns))

But aparently gtk.ListStore cannot have it's model changed after being created, so how would I update this query table? Do I need to destroy the Treeview and draw it again everytime I run a different query?

Thanks and this is my first question on StackOverflow so excuse any mistakes/posting guidelines I didn't follow.

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Check out libgda4 - it does what you want already and has a ListStore interface that communicates directly with the underlying database. – ptomato Jul 26 '11 at 5:48
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You can use gtk.TreeView.set_model to assign a new model to a TreeView. So you can generate a new model for each set of results, and then set the TreeView to show that model.

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Curiously I figured that out 2 minutes ago and got it working. Thanks for the help thats exactly what I was doing. – skkeeper Jul 25 '11 at 20:14
Don't forget to submit the answer. (check the tick in the left) – saeedgnu Jul 27 '11 at 13:53

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