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CityHash allows us to generate 128-bit hashes, but the 128-bit representation of an integer is defined as a pair of uint64s (as seen in the header of CityHash.h):

typedef boost::uint64_t uint64;
typedef std::pair<uint64, uint64> uint128;

I have a .NET wrapper that allows me to call the 64-bit version of city hash:

public ref class CityHashDotNet
    inline static void CityHash64Batch(const char* const value, uint64* const hashes, const int numValues)
        // I have a wrapper for CityHash that allows me to make batch calls (saves on interops)
        CityHashWrapper::CityHash64Batch(value, hashes, numValues);

This allows me to easily generate hashes from C# by casting the value memory pointer to sbyte* and the hash memory pointer to ulong* and calling the CityHashDotNet wrapper function:

// The MemoryPointer is an IntPtr
CityHashDotNet.CityHash64Batch((sbyte*)values.MemoryPointer, (ulong*)hashes.MemoryPointer, size);

I would like to make a wrapper around the 128-bit version of city hash, but I don't know how to Marshall the std::pair that's necessary for the hash. I defined a class that matches the std::pair and I'm planning on using it to duplicate the std::pair structure:

public class Pair<T1, T2>
    public T1 First { get; set; }
    public T2 Second { get; set; }

    public Pair(T1 first, T2 second)
        First = first;
        Second = second;

The problem is that I have no way to cast an IntPtr to an std::pair<ulong,ulong>* (ulong is the same as uint64). I tried casting it to Pair<ulong,ulong>*, but I get a build error:

// Does not work!
CityHashDotNet.CityHash128Batch((sbyte*)values.MemoryPointer, (Pair<ulong,ulong>*)hashes.MemoryPointer, size);

The error I get is:

error CS1503: ... cannot convert from `Pair<ulong,ulong>*` to `std.pair<unsigned __int64,unsigned __int64>*`

How do I get around this issue?

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Trying to "save on p/invokes" doesn't make sense, you're not using p/invoke, but C++ interop. –  Ben Voigt Jul 25 '11 at 16:36
Errr, sorry about that... I thought they're the same thing. I'll correct my post. –  Lirik Jul 25 '11 at 16:39

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You can't cast between pointers to these types, they don't have compatible layout. You'll have to copy the data between arrays of each type, one field at a time. Do this inside the C++/CLI code, and let the C# code see nice .NET arrays.

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I was afraid I was going to have to do that... :( –  Lirik Jul 25 '11 at 16:40
@Lirik: May I suggest a flat array of uint64 (array<System::UInt64>^)? You can pin it once, pass the pointer to the native code. Then your batch wrapper can take-two-make-a-pair-and-call in a loop. –  Ben Voigt Jul 25 '11 at 16:44

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