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I have added a png image to a plane which is a child of my player. The texture is added as Unlit/Transparent.

The problem I am having is that at an exact orientation, my texture appears crystal clear, but at all other orientations, it blurs a tiny bit.

Since it is hard to describe in words, I recorded a short 10sec video and have it here. Please have a look for better understanding.


There are no light sources in the scene.

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I cant help you but try it in the #unity3d channel at irc.freenode.net or at answers.unity3d.com this is like stackoverflow but for unity. :) or the forum.unity3d.com

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When you import the texture, be sure to check its import settings (in the Project window, look for your texture). The artifacts most likely have to do with the filter mode set, which my guess is bilinear filtering. Take a look here.

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