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I have a script I am trying to call that needs to have the $ symbol passed to it. If I run the script as

./script "blah$blah" 

it is passed in fine but then the script calls another program I have no control over which then expands the parameter to just "blah". The program is being called by the command program $@. I was wondering if there was a way to prevent the parameter from being expanded when passed to the next script.

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A couple of options involving changing the quoting:

./script 'blah$blah'

./script "blah\$blah"

I hope this helps.

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Accepting this answer because it is slightly easier to understand than the first one. –  bschaffer13 Jul 25 '11 at 16:51
  • Escape the character $ with: \, e.g.: "This will not expand \$hello"
  • use single quotes: 'This will not expand $hello'
  • Use a HERE DOC:

    This will not expand $hello

In your case I recommend using single quotes for readability: ./script 'blah$blah'.

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Call using single quotes:

./script 'blah$blah'

Or escape the $

./script "blah\$blah"
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