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I have JSF 2.1 application uisng Spring and Hibernate.

In order to solve LazyLoading problem I'm using OpenSessionInView Filter.


Everything works fine my lazy classes are initiated, but when I'm using Navigation Rule with Redirect

       <redirect />

I'm getting org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: id I remove <redirect /> tag everything works fine.

Why? Is it because new View has been created? So why do I have new Hibernate Session? Is there any work around?

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<redirect /> is implemented by returning 301 (or 303) response code to the browser, thereby completing current request and closing your current (Hibernate) session.

Browser then submits a new request to the URL provided, resulting in brand new (Hibernate) session which your not-yet-initialized entities are not bound to.

You will either need to manually trigger initialization in existing request prior to redirect (if possible) or re-fetch all the necessary entities again after the redirect.

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