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I would like to convert the a string like be33szfuhm100060 into BESZFUHM0060.

In order to replace the small letters with capital letters I've so far used the gsub function.


Is there a way to tell this function to replace the 3rd and 4th string element? If not, I would really appreciate if you could tell me another way to solve this problem. Maybe there is also a more general solution to change a string element at a certain position into a capital letter whatever the element is?

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Just use toupper if you want all the letters to be uppercase. – Joshua Ulrich Jul 25 '11 at 16:53
thanks, easy enough. Hopefully somebody also has a solution for my actual problem. – Mike Jul 25 '11 at 17:08
toupper is what you need but for problem state in title solution is: sub("^(.{4})(.)(.*$)", "\\15\\3", "abcdef") which gives "abcd5f". – Marek Jul 26 '11 at 7:52
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A couple of observations:

Cnverting a string to uppercase can be done with toupper, e.g.:

> toupper('be33szfuhm100060')
> [1] "BE33SZFUHM100060"

You could use substr to extract a substring by character positions and paste to concatenate strings:

> x <- 'be33szfuhm100060'
> paste(substr(x, 1, 2), substr(x, 5, nchar(x)), sep='')
[1] "beszfuhm100060"
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As an alternative, if you are going to be doing this alot:

String <- function(x="") {
  x <- as.character(paste(x, collapse=""))
  class(x) <- c("String","character")

"[.String" <- function(x,i,j,...,drop=TRUE) {
"[<-.String" <- function(x,i,j,...,value) {
  tmp <- x[]
  tmp[i] <- String(value)
  x <- String(tmp)
print.String <- function(x, ...) cat(x, "\n")
## try it out
> x <- String("be33szfuhm100060")
> x[3:4] <- character(0)
> x
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You can use substring to remove the third and fourth elements.

x <- "be33szfuhm100060"
paste(substring(x, 1, 2), substring(x, 5), sep = "")
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If you know what portions of the string you want based on their position(s), use substr or substring. As I mentioned in my comment, you can use toupper to coerce characters to uppercase.

paste( toupper(substr(test,1, 2)),
# [1] "BESZFUHM00060"
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