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I'm new to PyQt and I'm trying to do some specyfic stuff but without luck :( I'm trying to create a expandable tree of items (treeview) with pyqt, but I want, that on the left of each name there will be a non-exclusive checkbox.

I found some codes but for now the best result was tree with only checkboxes :(

Does somebody have some minimal example how to achive this effect? Thank you very much!

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Example of what you have tried, research and resources you have used thus far to solve your problem? –  neuronet Jul 16 '14 at 12:43

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Qt's ItemViews draw checkboxes next to the text, if the ItemIsUserCheckable flag is set for the item in the model. If you write your own model you must implement QAbstractItemModel::flags, if you use QTreeWidget you can set the flags for each QTreeWidgetItem.

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