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In my GWT project I would like to:

  1. Set a filter for the FileUpload widget so that it only accepts JPG files.

  2. Enable myButton if the FileUpload widget, called chooser, has any file choosen. And disable myButton otherwise.

This is my code for point 2, but it does not work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

chooser.addAttachHandler(new Handler() {
public void onAttachOrDetach(AttachEvent event) {
if(chooser.isAttached()==false && myButton.isEnabled()==true)
else if(chooser.isAttached()==true && myButton.isEnabled()==false)
} });
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@Point 1: i think, is not possible to filter, which files can be choosed. The only one way for me is compare in the form handler, for example:

form.addFormHandler(new FormHandler(){
    public void onSubmit(FormSubmitEvent event){
      if(!extension.equals("pdf")) {
         // Error
      } else {
         // Submit

Another solution is to use ExtGWT with FileValidator:

fileUpload = new FileUploadField();
fileUpload.setValidator(new FileValidator());

@Point 2: the chooser.isAttached() is wrong condition imho....you need to check, if the input field is empty.

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Thanks for your help! @1, this is not a Form object, it is just a FileUpload object. Then which would be the right handler to set the filter? @2, which handler should I use in order to know that the status of the FileUpload object has changed (file attached or dettached) and then perform the button action in that moment? – Arturo Jul 26 '11 at 7:41
@1: yes, but the FileUpload must be added to a form, which will be submitet. And for the form you can use the addFormHandler @2: i have really no idea :) i would try something like chooser.getElement(0) (or 1 or 2 etc....until you get the input field). And after you get it, you can try something like inputField.getText() and compare it. – cupakob Jul 26 '11 at 7:52

I included a line like the one below:

fileUpload.getElement().setAttribute("accept", "image/png, image/gif,image/jpeg");

It did work for me using gwt FileUpload

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