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Sorry for the noob question. I have a view that has a UISegmentControl in the UIToolBar. I also present a popover from a button. How do I get the value of the UISegmentControl to the popover? Should I have the Popover have an NSInteger ivar to hold this value so when I present the popover, I set that value to whatever the selectedSegmentIndex is? I didn't know if that was the cleanest way since I'm new at this and keep reading stuff about not coupling your classes. Thanks!

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In my opinion , You can use UIControlEventValueChanged Event of UISegmentControl to directly set the TAG Propertly of popover to the selectedSegmentIndex of UISegmentControl .

[segmentedControl addTarget:self

  popover.tag = segmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex;


   self.intSelected = segmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex;

And from with in your popover click event code try to check the property of TAG . You can also use Some Global Integar for this purpose instead of tag property.

In this way your POPOver can know which segment was selected when they clicked popover.

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