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I am generating an HTML email using a java program and need a Hide/Show button for some queries, What would be an ideal approach for this?, shd i call a javascript from java program to do the same?.

I have a javascript module to do the show/hide feature but not sure how to integrate this to a java program.


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Javascript is completely independent from any server-side framework or language, such as Java.

If you want to show or hide an HTML element on a page, try the following JS code:

document.getElementById("id").style.display = 'none';

And then, when you generate the HTML email using Java, include the queries you want to hide in a <div> with a specified ID.

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Add a class to your generated html tags and use css to control the visibility and other styling.

<style type='text/css'>
    .hid {display: none;}

<div class='query1 hid'>...</div>
<div class='query2'>...</div>
<div class='query1 hid'>...</div>

Then update your javascript to manipulate the class attribute.

//in jQuery...
$("btn1").click(function() {
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