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If I go to Solution Explorer and highlight a folder, ReSharper adds a property to the Properties window called "Namespace Provider".

When I change the "Namespace Provider" property, where does ReSharper store it?

I've changed this property to False for one of the folders in our project, and I want to check the change into version control. But my SolutionName.6.0.ReSharper file didn't change, even after I exited and restarted Visual Studio. I also opened the .ReSharper.user file in a text editor and snooped around, but it doesn't look like this property is stored there either.

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As of ReSharper 8 it is stored in a ProjectName.csproj.DotSettings file with the following format:

    <s:Boolean x:Key="/Default/CodeInspection/NamespaceProvider/NamespaceFoldersToSkip/=**FolderToSkip**/@EntryIndexedValue">True</s:Boolean>
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This is saved in a project-level ReSharper properties file: ProjectName.csproj.ReSharper

There's a section that goes like this:

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Ah! I was looking in the solution's .ReSharper file -- didn't realize there was one for the project too. Thanks! –  Joe White Jul 25 '11 at 20:45

I set it to false for me on the "Properties" folder (containing AssemblyInfo.cs) in one of my projects (VS2010, Resharper 5.1).

It creates a files in the project directory called <ProjectName>.csproj.ReSharper.

The contents of the file were this:

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