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Suppose I have a SQL database in which a column could look something like this


Is it possible to create a single SQL query that simply grabs the largest number, which in this case would be 4? Or would I have to query every single number, put them in some sort of list in an external program, and write an algorithm to find the largest one?

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Use can use the MAX Aggregate function. Since your table only has one column it would look like

SELECT MAX(NUMBERS) n from yourtable

depending on your backend you could also put into a variable. For example in SQL Server

Declare @TheMax int
FROM yourTable

Here's a working example on

If you also wanted the Max Per somthing you'd need a group by

For example this query on Data.SE gives the max score per tag

      tagname, max(score) 
   posts p
   INNER JOIN postTags pt
   ON = pt.postId
   INNER JOIN tags t
   ON pt.tagid = 
   tagname ​
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When x is your column name then:

SELECT MAX(x) FROM numbers
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This should work on most SQL servers.

Select Max(Number) From Table
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