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I followed the StockWatcher GWT tutorial with success and made the integration with GAE datastore using JDO based persistence.

Now I wanted to introduce Objectify, a third party framework for persistence.

If I correctly understand, Google uses ant to manage project's lifecycle.

Some years ago, I was using Maven2, it was pretty handy to manage having always the latest versions of all your libraries.

How can I add Maven to my project (without creating it from scratch, obviously)?

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Hm, are you asking about mavenizing without creating pom.xml from scratch? –  Igor Artamonov Jul 26 '11 at 6:29
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Have a look to the Maven GAE plugin and gae-maven-goodies projects.

The maven-gae-plugin provides support for Google App Engine projects. Basically, it attempts to cover all the basic operations provided by Google App Engine SDK, such as running project locally, deploying it to Google's cloud, retrieving production logs etc.

Other resources:

Mavenize an app engine project #1
Mavenize an app engine project #2
Mavenize an app engine project #3

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there's also the maven gwt plugin:

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