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I have three paths that I want to be 3 separate arguments passed into an executable. I do startinfo.arguments, but how do I separate these so the executable knows they are three different arguments?

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You can simply pass these to the argument property with spaces separating them as you would at the command prompt, enclosing any containing spaces in double quotes.


As an example of enclosing spaces in arguments, to copy 'foo bar baz.txt' to 'this is a test.txt':-

using (var process = new Process
           StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo
               FileName = "cmd.exe",
               Arguments = "/c copy \"foo bar baz.txt\" \"this is a test.txt\""

The syntax is clumsy, but has the advantage of being consistent with how you would do it at the command line, as pointed out by @Ed S.

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Can you expand on the concept of enclosing containing spaces in double quotes? (Example possibly?) Thank you!\ –  Joey Gfd Jul 25 '11 at 21:58

The argument string that you pass in should be no different than what you would pass in if you were typing into the command line.

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Lets say your program was called Test.exe and you wanted to pass it 3 command line arguments "argument1" "argument two" and "argument3"

If you were to run this from the command line you would do:

Text.exe argument1 "argument two" argument3

So your startInfo.Arguments would be set to:

startInfo.Arguments = "argument1 \"argument two\" argument3";
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