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My application includes some .txt files that it needs to read.

I used to read them using the Inputstream:

Class c = this.getClass();
   InputStream is = c.getResourceAsStream("/fileName.txt");

for efficiency reasons I needed to read them using the RandomAccessFile.

Because I can't use the c.getResourceAsStream() I need to find another way to get the files.

I tried the following code:

Class c = this.getClass();
URL fileURL = c.getResource("/fileName.txt");
File file =new File(fileURL.getPath());


File file =new File(fileURL.toURI());

but wasn't able to locate the file.

I think I'm missing something fundamental, can someone please help me?

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Where do you have your file initially? Is it in raw folder, assets folder...?

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It's in the src folder –  eladrich Jul 25 '11 at 21:52
Move it inside the assets folder and open it like InputStream is = this.getAssets().open("fileName.txt"); –  Nikola Despotoski Jul 25 '11 at 21:53

Just wanting to add a little more detail here to explain why File file =new File(fileURL.getPath()); wont work. Everything in your application is contained in your .akp file which is just a renamed .zip file. This means when your application is requesting a file from the assets directory no file actually exists at that path. using InputStream is = this.getAssets().open("fileName.txt"); will open the apk and look there instead.

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