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Sometimes there is alot that a basic entity relationship diagram doesn't reflect. I have seen, and often make diagrams that include a few rows of data for each table, because this tells you alot more about the relationships and the design.

Is there a name for these types of diagrams? I am tempted to call it a "use case" of the data model.

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nice question, I always use these and find them very helpful. But I have never known what they are called either. –  Daveo Jul 26 '11 at 3:17

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I haven't seen a diagram that is an ERD with a few sample rows for each table, but I have seen diagrams that are intended to show examples of entities with particular attribute values and their relationships with other entities. These are called instance diagrams.

This would be very similar to what you are asking about, except that I wouldn't say that they show "a few" rows, but rather one row of the "main" entity and possibly more than one of related child entities.

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