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Is there a special name for numbers in the format of 001. For example the number 20 would be 020 and 1 would be 001.
Its hard to Google around when you don`t know somethings name!
Since I am already wasting your guys time does any one know a function for changing numbers to this format.

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I think this is usually called "padding" the number.

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duh ty !!!!!!!! –  James Andino Jul 25 '11 at 23:25

Its called left zero padded numbers.

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It's called padding.

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Well, if you're talking about that notation within the context of certain programming languages, 020 as opposed to 20 would be Octal rather than Decimal.

Otherwise, you're referring to padding.

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A quick google search revealed this nice snippet of code for Number Padding: http://sujithcjose.blogspot.com/2007/10/zero-padding-in-java-script-to-add.html

function zeroPad(num,count)
  var numZeropad = num + '';
  while(numZeropad.length < count) {
    numZeropad = "0" + numZeropad;
  return numZeropad;
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You can use a simple function like:

function addZ(n) {
  return (n<10? '00' : n<100? '0' : '') + n;

Or a more robust function that pads the left hand side with as many of whatever character you like, e.g.

function padLeft(n, c, len) {
  var x = ('' + n).length;
  x = (x < ++len)? new Array(len - x) : [];
  return  x.join(c) + n
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Try this one:

Number.prototype.toMinLengthString = function (n) {
    var isNegative = this < 0;
    var number = isNegative ? -1 * this : this;
    for (var i = number.toString().length; i < n; i++) {
        number = '0' + number;
    return (isNegative ? '-' : '') + number;
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