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I have a Member class that has an array of MemberRoles attached to it. Each of the MemberRoles have a Role object attached to them. When I go to fetch my Member I know that I am going to need all the Role objects associated to the Member. I realize that I can eager load the MemberRoles with

var member = context.Members.Include("MemberRoles").SingleOrDefault(....)

I am speculating here (because my DBA wont give me permission to run profiler, grumble *grumble*) but I assume that the Role associated to the MemberRole object will lazy load once I start accessing it.

How can I eager load the Role object along with the MemberRoles when I form my original query?

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var member = context.Members.Include("MemberRoles.Roles").SingleOrDefault(....)

That should eager-load MemberRoles and the associated Roles.

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Sounds right. Just as soon as I can my DBA to let me run profiler I will confirm. –  Mr Bell Jul 26 '11 at 0:03

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