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I've just downloaded shoes but can't get them out the box.

double clicked on shoes2.run in ubuntu intrepid and gedit opened with the following message:

Could not open the file /home/mark/Marks files/2…ng/Programming/shoes2.run using the Unicode (UTF-8) character coding.

Please check that you are not trying to open a binary file.
Select a different character coding from the menu and try again.

It offered a dropdown with 2 options and a retry button:

  1. Current locale (UTF-8)
  2. Western (ISO-8859-15)

Neither of them are recognized.

How do i get it running?

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hang bout. have solved my own problem: installed using ubuntu's "add/remove applications" thingy and it works fine. still stands that my comp can't recognise the character encoding of the shoes2.run file i downloaded from the shoes website. m. –  Markningling Mar 25 '09 at 16:42

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I had this same problem. try sudo chmoding the file :

sudo chmod 777 shoes2.run

then try running it as a script


that should work.

I am still trying to get shoes2 in my path so I can run it easily like the previous version (which I got through apt-get) right now I have to run it as a script each time I use it.

Good Luck!

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