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I am trying to make a service in the background so I can run a loop that requests a page every x minutes. This is my service in the manifest:

<service android:name=".webToSMS" android:enabled="true" />

And here is my service being started (in the main activity):

Intent intent = new Intent(this, webToSMS.class);

And finally, this is my service class:

public class webToSMS extends IntentService {

  public webToSMS() {

  protected void onHandleIntent(Intent intent) {
      Context context = getApplicationContext();
      CharSequence text = "Hello toast!";
      int duration = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT;

      Toast toast = Toast.makeText(context, text, duration);

I was following the guide at Android and this is what it told me to do. What I am expecting is a toast to pop up saying "Hello toast!" when this service is run. Eventually when this works I will put a loop which will request a page every x minutes.

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Your service is running, it's just not displaying the toast because you are not on the UI thread.

If you want to see a toast try this instead

Handler HN = new Handler(); 

private class DisplayToast implements Runnable {

  String TM = "";

      public DisplayToast(String toast){
          TM = toast; 

      public void run(){
         Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), TM, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

protected void onHandleIntent(Intent intent) {

   HN.post(new DisplayToast("New Toast on UI Thread")); 
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