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My web development project loads a lot of content via JSON and AJAX (aren't these basically the same thing).

I have implemented a loading gif pop up in a jquery UI dialog. This is hooked up to the .ajaxStart and .ajaxStop events.

        function () {
            $(window).load(function () { Load(); });

 function Load() {
.ajaxStart(function () {
//Show popup
.ajaxStop(function () {
//Hide popup


So this is pretty good, and whenever i'm loading content via ajax the loading pop up appears. Great. My next question is - the feedback im getting - they think its weird that there is loading for this content, but then when you request an entire new page in the web app, the 'load' takes a while, and there is no loading dialog like the other ajax loading examples. Personally to me - this makes perfect sense, but the user doesn't like it.

Is there any easy way I can hook up my same dialog to page loads? I'm thinking if there is a way to know/jquery event for when they request a new page, I can just pop the loading dialog up and leave it there till the new page has loaded.

Grateful any advice?


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Sure, check out the unload event. http://api.jquery.com/unload/

So literally just chuck

$(window).unload(function () { Load(); });

In your document ready and it'll show the popup when the user navigates to a new page (might need to customise it because you don't need any ajax request considering you're not loading any data dynamically).

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Actually, this works in firefox, but not in IE !?!? - I use the same code to construct the modal window - which displays in IE for ajax load, but for some reason - IE doesn't seem to like to play with the unload event... Hmmmmmmmm....... –  baron Jul 26 '11 at 2:05
So the unload does work - I put an alert - but it will not let the jquery ui code load $("#dialog").dialog('open'); (but only for this event - it works for .ajaxStart !?!?) - any idea of work around for IE8 in compatability mode –  baron Jul 26 '11 at 3:26
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You can't leave the loading dialog until the next page loads because there's often a pretty large gap between the unload of the current document and the loading of the next.

If your site was completely ajax then you could do it, but making a site completely ajax driven takes keen attention to detail (back button support, bookmarking, events, etc), so I'd think twice about going down that path.

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