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I have written a Joomla Component to include Symfony applications, as part oft his I'd like ot package up some files on the symfony side in a plugin. I can't find a way to overwrite link_to from within a plugin. Essentially what my modified link_to does in wrap the link into a Joomla request if called from the Joomla component.

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You should created a copy of UrlHelper and save it in your with another name, say UrlCustomHelper. Inside your code instead of using use_helper('Url') you use use_helper('UrlCustom').

You don't get to overwrite it like you do with a method of a inherited class.

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Hmm, thats not really much better than copying a modified UrlHelper into the application/appname/lib folder. – jdog Jul 26 '11 at 10:10

Either you copy the entire UrlHelper.php file with your modifications as you suggest, or you define a function with another name. There really aren't any other alternatives.

function joomla_link_to(...)
  return link_to(...);
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ok, fair enough. Good to know its not possible – jdog Jul 27 '11 at 21:53

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