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I am working on this site: http://www.mywebclass.org/~jeff/ . A large percent of the ui is built with position:fixed;. In all the browsers except Safari it renders fine. But in Safari it is all messed up. Is there any way to fix this?

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You have position:fixed on a few elements but you haven't set any of top, left, right, or bottom to tell the browser where they should be positioned. The browser will be left to guess (within limits) what you mean if you don't specify the position and different browsers will guess different things. The solution is to add left and top properties to all your position:fixed elements.

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hmm... ok, any idea why this only shows a problem in safari? –  chromedude Jul 26 '11 at 2:21
@chromedude: "different browsers will guess different things". Opera, for example, doesn't even show your lightbulb. –  mu is too short Jul 26 '11 at 2:26
ah... didn't see Opera's. Ok, thanks. –  chromedude Jul 26 '11 at 2:30

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