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I am a newbie in MYSQL. Any help on this will be appreciated.

I have two tables Airports and Posts with the following Fields:


id, Airport-code, Airport_name


id, Source_Airport_code, Destination_airport_code, Date_of_departure, preference

How do I get a record with the following fields (Here Source and Destination corresponds to Airport names instead of the codes):

Source, destination, date_of_departure
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If the FK in Posts.*_Airport_code doesn't refer to Airports.id as MJB assumes but to Airports.Airport_code then

  APS.Airport_name AS Source,
  APD.Airport_name AS Destination,
FROM Posts
  INNER JOIN Airports APS ON(APS.Airport_code = Posts.Source_Airport_code)
  INNER JOIN Airports APD ON(APD.Airport_code = Posts.Destination_airport_code)
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D'oh -- I think you are right. I should have read more carefully. –  MJB Jul 26 '11 at 2:41

Try this to start:

  s.airport_name as source, 
  d.airport_name as destination, 
from posts p
  inner join airports s
    on p.source_airport_code = s.id
  inner join airports d
    on d.source_airport_code = d.id

And I hate to say it, but I think you have a long way to go.

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