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I've thought of writing a service method that I'd call within the catch block of a try/catch that writes error details to a table for viewing. Then I thought about if the services went down, the client app would have no way of reporting this data. This lead me to the thought of popping up a text box containing the exception details and a Copy button. The user would click the copy button to copy the text and paste it into an email to our support group.

It may sound crude, but I am new to client app development and haven't really given this much thought until now.

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Bill Gates home number? – RBarryYoung Jul 26 '11 at 3:29

Use the Application.DispatcherUnhandledException Event. See this question for a summary (see Drew Noakes answer).

Be aware that there'll be still exceptions which preclude a successful resuming of your application, like after a stack overflow, exhausted memory or lost network connectivity while you're trying to save to the database.

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